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Away to Long [Mar. 22nd, 2008|10:02 am]
Dark Angels~~King Arthurs Knights


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 Well almost two years, actually just over two years since I posted. I have lost my roots here. I need to get back to them, I need a creative outlet. I let my mind fall away from my knights *smirks* They always come home again. I will try to relearn this and have an out let here. My story is up to 36 chapters and I will be makeing icons again since they have disappeared from the photobucket, weird huh? Anyway back to my roots I need an outlet...Here is another part of the story.

The legendry knights filtered in gleefully to the roundtable. The Bishop was to rest then they would receive their papers. Tomorrow they would leave for Sarmatia. They would be going home. Their ale was brought and they began to chatter happily.
            Jols was at the entrance to the housing dealing with the horses. As he made his way to the stable three riders strode in. Jols looked up, his eyes widened and a smile broke across his face.
“Well I’ll be….Kyla” She dismounted her hoarse wearing a huge grin and hugged Jols.
“I had to come say goodbye before they left”
“Come, come, they are in the hall.” He grabbed her hands and pulled her quickly in towards the hall as her two guards tended to the horses.
            The knights were in a chuckle when the door opened and Jols appeared. He had a joyous grin.
“Arthur we have a guest”
Arthur looked at the knights and then back at Jols “Show them in” He stood as the knights followed suit. Kyla appeared in the doorway and walked in and couldn’t help but smile at seeing the knights. They all looked shocked at her as she walked farther into the room.
“Kyla” Arthur spoke as if to make it real. He hesitated and beckoned her with open arms. She went to him quickly hugging him.
“Well I’ll be….” Dagonet went and hugged her as she released Arthur.
The knights smiled at seeing their friend again. Seven years they had spent together, it had been to long since they last saw the two girls. Galahad followed Dagonet and kissed her hands with a smile.
“We haven’t seen you in so long” Lancelot said.
“Since the day we left” She walked over to him. He pulled her into a strong hug and kissed her cheek.
Finally her gaze met Tristan’s. He walked up to her and held her face “Avalon has treated you well” Then gave a sideways smile before crushing her tight.
“I have missed you my friend” She whispered to him. Tristan moved his head closer in response pressing her closer.
When she pulled away she looked at Arthur he looked at the door expectantly. As Bors spoke to her “Come here and give Bors a proper welcoming” She laughed and he grunted as he hoisted her up in a bear hug. The others laughed then noticed what Arthur did. No one else was joining her but her guards who stood silently in the corner.
She looked sadly at Arthur as she went to him. He put her hands in his looking at her with such hope in his eyes it broke her heart. “Lourdes?” He asked.
She sighed looking at the floor closing her eyes and answered with a shake of her head. He grasped her desperately. “She is alright?” He questioned.
Kyla looked up quickly. “Perfectly, she is in good health.” She saw the occupants relax visibly.
“Where is she?” Bors asked.
“In Avalon”
“Why did she not come?” Gawain asked, as Dagonet brought a cup of wine to her.
“She did not think she would be welcomed. So she bid me to come cause I wanted to see you before you journeyed home” She drank her wine thankfully for the conversation was going to soon turn possibly ugly.
“Not welcomed?” Lancelot rebuffed and she turned to look at him.
“Things were not well between her and Arthur when she left. She knows your loyalty to him. She did not want tension between you in your last day here.” Her answers must tread lightly. Lancelot saw a look in Kylas eyes though. Something that she wasn’t saying, maybe couldn’t say.
“She did not wish to see me you mean” At Arthur’s words Kyla turned to him.
She grabbed his arms desperately. “No she does, she longs for her brother. She wished to see you so badly; she almost went to your battles to see you. She misses you so, all of – you” Her words hesitated when she looked at Lancelot.
“Send word then tell her to come” Dagonet spoke suddenly, Arthur looked at her hopefully.
“It would not reach her in time, She has probably left already” Kyla closed her eyes suddenly at her revelation. This was going to get ugly for certain now.
“Left where?” Galahad asked.
Kyla sighed heavily “She is coming the day after tomorrow to see you Arthur, after you knights left.”
“AFTER?! We left?” Tristan’s voice cut in curiously.
Kyla nodded. “What aren’t you telling us?” Bors leaned on the table looking at her.
Kyla had to think quickly she dared not tell the truth. “She did not want the tension; she does not know if Arthur would refuse to see her, she did not want to chance all the men she loves as brothers denying her. It would be too much. She loves you all too much to lose you all over again”
“Yeah love the opportunity to put a bow in Lancelot’s arse before he leaves” Bors laughed. The knights chuckled, even Lancelot. Their fiery game of cutting words was always fun to watch. They did not get along well.
“Then we will wait another day to see her, at least I will” Gawain held his glass in salute, as did the others.
“I say I will as well” Dagonet joined.
“She owes me a dance” Bors raised his glass.
Tristan raised his “You have no rhythm.”
“I got twelve kids!” Bors yelled at him.
“Eleven” Galahad corrected as the room laughed.
Lancelot raised his glass. “I shall wait as well, wouldn’t deny her the opportunity of a final quarrel with me” Kyla smiled sadly. Lourdes was trying to avoid this; she made a mess of it.



Well whoever stumbles over this enjoy....