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[Mar. 15th, 2006|07:21 pm]
Dark Angels~~King Arthurs Knights


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How we doin ladies,

Well I am going to post the first part of my story. I have like 20 chapters done but going to post them one by one. 

Title: Too Belong
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Tristan/OFC and Lancelot/ OFC, Arthur/ Guinevere
Summary: Inside

So Here is the Prologue

Summary:A war is waged to untie Briton and protect the land from Saxons. Briton warriors must unite under a leader of their land. Family ties, angsty secrets, past pain, sacrifice, and love. The inner workings of the birth of a dynasty. One that was fought for and earned. LancelotOC/ TristanOC (all characters are in it including new ones) Romance/drama/angst/action/fantasy

(My first time period fanfiction so bare with me, pull out your soundtracks if you don’t have it BUY IT NOW! And listen and read. I am weaving quite a story plus I brought ion Avalon not really as fantastical as it is said to be but regal in it’s own way)


A cool breeze wrapped around her as she stood on the shore watching the water crash against it. Her serenity was interrupted by the sound of footsteps behind her, she turned and her lifelong friend Kyla stood before her. Her red hair shined in the moonlight in the deep midnight blue dress of velvet that hugged her adoringly.

“Viviane calls for us” She gave her reason for the intrusion to her peace.

She nodded picking up her red gown to walk over the grass easier. Her blonde tresses were clasped back but strays still played in the wind. Kyla followed as they made their way to the Lady’s sleeping quarters.

They walked in and the warmth of the fire flushed their creamy complexions quickly. The Lady of the Lake sat at the table full of food. She gestured for them to take a seat. They did and as they did they noticed another occupant of the room. It brought a smile to their lips as their eyes laid on Merlin. He bowed his head slightly to the daughters of Avalon.

“Rome is receding from Briton. Saxons are coming” Merlin began pointedly. The two girls eyes widened in shock.

“Arthur will need us…..you” Viviane said looking at Lourdes.

Lourdes snapped her gaze to her and her eyes narrowed slightly. “Arthur will return to his precious Rome”

“His faith in Rome his dwindling. He will not return. He will fight for Briton, he will lead Briton.” Viviane informed.

“I owe nothing to him; we have chosen our destinies. I have not seen him for eight years.” She looked at Merlin. “I have kept my oath. I have never raised my blade to Arthur or his knights. Neither has Kyla. I swore him that”

“They are like brothers to us, that is why” Kyla said gently placing a hand on her arm.

“You have something to go back for I do not. My brother wants no part of me and I want no part of him.” She stood abruptly and walked to the window folding her arms. As if trying to hold on the pain of those memories.

“The knights will be free, what if they leave? Will you let him die?” Kyla bantered.

Lourdes sighed. “They deserve their freedom, let them go. My speed bless them.”

“Those men love you like blood, have missed you dearly” Viviane interjected.

“Like I have said, he will not join us.” She looked at Viviane, an anguish in her at the thought of seeing her brother again.

“You are a stony woman, Kyla narrowed her eyes. You think I do not know what part of your reasons were for running to Avalon.”

Lourdes whirled at her” Dare you, She advanced on her quickly. Ever you speak of that again, may you pray the goddess gets you before I do” The three occupants reared back slightly at her rage.

Kyla looked at her the fear and pain in her eyes. Lourdes met her gaze her mind working quickly to take it all in. “Arthur can rule Briton, he can unite the peoples of this land and defeat the Saxon”

Lourdes looked up at him she closed her eyes for a second then reopened them. “When do the knights leave?”

“Two days the Bishops carriage arrives” Viviane answered.

Lourdes looked at Kyla and smiled touching her cheek. “Let Kyla go with a few of our guard, not that we need them. We are the Raven Warriors. She can see them before they leave. I will go to Arthur the day after they leave for their homes.” She then turned for the door as Merlin and Viviane nodded in agreement.

Kyla wasn’t satisfied. “You won’t come say goodbye.” Her brow furrowed as she stood to follow.

Lourdes stopped at the door. “You know why I left why would I go back now.” Her tone was vile and clipped. The animosity had set in years ago. All she lived for was her ways, her darkness, her will to fight. She gave a rue smile then walked out.

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